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Go: A Breath Of Fresh Air

I’ve been experimenting with Go on and off for the past couple of weeks. I come from a Web Development background but C has always been my language of choice for pet projects as I like the “bare-metal” experience, even though most applications I would write would most likely perform just as well in other higher level languages… I just like C.

Vim Ctrlp Behaviour With Unite

When I first found out about the popular CtrlP plug-in, I found myself using it constantly. Being able to switch between the document I had in my head was increasingly faster than traditional methods I was used to, and CtrlP soon became my most used plug-in.

Reservoir Sampling In Php

On a recent project I needed to take a random sample of items from a large data source that was too big to contain in memory. As the whole set of data couldn’t be kept in memory, usual sampling techniques wouldn’t work.

Inspirational Slump

I’m finding myself increasingly bored and disenchanted with all forms of modern technology and I’m not confident why. I have always loved creating and breaking things, learning how they work but everything seems too polluted now and I just don’t know where to start. Web technologies have sky rocketed over the past 4-5 years and now there’s a JS library to do just about anything from PDF parsing to MP4 decoding, it’s crazy!

Fresh Site

I’ve spent the day working on this new site and putting some code on github and am quite happy how it turned out, it’s a one page template with partials for blog posts and is generated from markdown files using Jekyll with the aid of rdiscount. It’s got a small foot print and is completly static which makes it ideal to maintain.


When I find something interesting but am feeling too lazy to look into it properly, I drag it into my bookmarks bar to look into at a later date. After a while, it gets pretty full (any relation to how lazy I am?) and they need sorting out. I thought it would be cool to have an extension that would act like stumble upon however only stumbling through my bookmarks, so being a developer I made one. The Chrome API docs had everything there for me so I dived in and created it in about an hour.

Dont Hate Php

I’ve been developing with PHP on and off for the past few years, and one thing I’ve learnt is that there are haters. Including myself. Each day there are new posts on why you shouldn’t use PHP and that it doesn’t necessarily encourage you to use the ‘best’ techniques within your code. To an extent, I agree with this but as we all know PHP is staying right where it is for reasons I wont go into.

Technical Debt

Coming from a freelance background where I set my own deadlines, it took some getting used to having to rush my unfinished,half-tested code. I recently purchased the book ‘97 Things Every Programmer Should Know’, and the first piece of wisdom was entitled ‘Act With Prudence’ written by Martin Fowler. To summarize, it’s an article on “doing it right”, or “doing it quick” in respect to project development.